Mind my own business



(bill pester with his guitar)


I decided to end my blog/opinion activities. Big deal or not, it’s not a tantrum but some kind of awakened recognition:

  • People are full of hate.

They are ready to hate at first sight.

My blog about the alleged kidnap + gang raping by the Polish Death Metal band (Decapitated) against an alleged victim who pressed charges fills me with sadness.

Sadness if it’s true facts. If so, I will regret and swallow my words and fear for my life and career as a Metal touring artist, because all bets will be off and the paradigm will painfully change for everyone, men and women.

Sadness if it’s false claims. If so, I will feel far fromvindicated. I will feel everyone is despiteful and that as the song says “people just ain’t no good”.

Sadness if there is an in between situation as I feel we all should work hard on our humanity.

Debate is dead. I won’t go as far as saying that freedom of expression, or my own freedom of expression, is compromised. It’s, on the contrary, very alive, for good and evil. I just came to the conclusion that people cling to an opinion (it doesn’t matter if justified or not) and they will argument against one’s character, story, personality and resource to offence because they know nothing else and they are not interested in what you have to state. There is not enough gray matter online.

I’ve been called a defensor of rapists. I wrote the offender back. People assumed I was taking sides with the band because I am a musician and therefore I was speaking against the alleged victim. I tried to explain. To little avail. I contacted people who quoted me out of context. Useless.

I am a decent man. I have a band and a 25 year career based on trust and honesty. I made countless friends with men and women all around the world. I have a son. I have a wife. I have a social work in the field of women’s rights that is public record. I have a company, a record and a book label. I lived my adventures on the road in consensually, good spirited experiences. As for my style, Metal, I am sad because everyone else shuts up in the face of such ghastly news (all but a few) afraid to loose their customers. If you have fans, you respect them by being yourself and not a provider of entertainment. I have a temper. I have convictions. I make mistakes. I am but a man.

But I can’t tolerate mental indecency. I don’t have the stomach to be called a rape activist. So I mind my own business from now on.

My blog will be gone. I will continue writing professionally for Jornal de Leiria, on print and online and with the time and energy I will reserve from stepping out of the mud, I will finish the translation of my poetry books into English, start editing our other book projects and devote my time, my words, my spark, my love to my family and to my band and fans by serving them well. With respect. With quality. With equality. Men and Women.

Blessed be.


Mind my own business

3 thoughts on “Mind my own business

  1. Sandra says:

    Your life’s your own. But I believe it’s a great loss for all of us. You are a wonderful writer, and of course it’s your choice, but as a long time follower of your work I cannot believe you’ll leave your blog because of people who were never interested in it in the first place. The problem is most people aren’t interested in share an opinion or having a fair debate, or simply to listen. As I said before, your life is your own but here’s an idea… Keep your blog for your readers. The ones who don’t like it can go fuck themselves.

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  2. monique says:

    This news makes me so sad… 😦
    Don’t let the hate of some people stop you from sharing your thoughts with all of us. You didn’t strike me as a person that gives up so easily. When you have an opinion, people will react and sometimes take their responses too far. Especially in social media, where the keyboard warriors strike anonymous. You are a public person and more vulnerable. Don’t let this get to you. They try to bring you down but you will ressurect! 😉


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