I have never been in Australia. It seems that some people that do know about us over there. Anyway,  it really never happened us going there. It’s just one of those things. Many other bands do go. This is all a question of  making it happen, and so far no Aussie promoter hired the Portuguese.

Australia fascinates me as a far away place. The fauna, the flora, the spirit. All the great genius and talent that comes from there and that we wrongly mess up in the great Anglo-Saxonic mix. However, my intent here is not to bitch about ever being there but to draw up some context I can use to talk about what I want: which is the imprisonment of our fellow Metal musicians from Poland (Decapitated) in the States, something that should truly concern our community at many levels.

I know it didn’t happen in Australia. Perhaps, it never would.

This is a true American drama, with people being jailed, lawyers, extradition, fear and deceit all around and no true facts released. Australia did begin as a big prison island at His/Her Majesty’s service . A penal colony that evolved into one of the most sought for destinies and best countries to live in. An example.

On the other side of the world, the US is trying its best to incarcerate everyone. To be like when Australia was just a prison. Minor threats, Danish parents walking their kids on the rain , hauling asses, all blacks, it doesn’t really matter. Prisons have to be filled at any cost and remain lucrative for the hate mongers who run penal administration. It’s out of control.

In the States you can be arrested by drinking without a brown bag covering your drink. For crossing the wrong side of the street. For jay walking.  For smoking at a public space.  You don’t get told, you get cuffs. Even if you are a foreign, it seems that doesn’t mean anything at all. First you get behind bars and then you have to walk the painful path of due process in a country that owns your ass now.

Nobody knows as of yet, the true story behind Decapitated prison. It seems like they tried to kidnap a fan. Their “victim” seems to have escaped their grip and “violence” and went to the Police to let them know exactly where to find “her/his kidnappers”. Not that they were hiding. They were publicly touring.

Now they await extradition. Which in practise means moving them out to Spokane but that will take long. That’s how you break people used to roam rather than staying. I strongly believe a rape charge will follow suit, so maybe things will get (even) more complicated for our Polish friends.

I don’t really know what happened. Nobody does and maybe nobody will.

I just can hope and that’s my belief that the band is innocent and this is a malign misunderstanding. I will be the first to swallow my words and hate me for them if Decapitated did something terrible. But I believe they haven’t.

The principle in the States is everyone is guilty until proven otherwise.

Everyone is jailed as a public menace.When they are freed it comes as a disappointment for the ones whom threw them in jail. In the future, for sure, Decapitated will be forever forbidden  to make their job and meet their fans in the USA. This reminds me a story with Satyricon a few years back. Same kinda of plot, a kidnap and a rape claim that has proved to be deceitful and false.

Again, if Decapitated “broke the law” they should, like any of us, be  charged for that. Personally and as a fellow musician that have toured and played with this Polish band a couple of times, I believe in their innocence. The false power of paranoia and deceit should not be an argument here. True that we know nothing of the facts but it’s highly implausible that a touring band kidnaps anyone in Spokane for their sexual amusement or to play “metal tricks” with a fan. A lot of prejudice stands behind these charges. The fact they will be arrested for weeks deserves no comment and the highly probable fake story conjured by a fan, maybe a girl, it’s a fair warning to all of us touring musicians to choose and pick and recognise the signs of danger even if we think it’s just an innocent party going on and we’re all big friends.

Fans can be crazy and can hurt us if one doesn’t take notice. We are not their friends. Not their families. It’s just music and should be kept like this.

In conclusion:

I haven’t seen the Polish Embassy and Government stepping in as the US  Gov would, if this story was up in Europe or elsehwere. Then again,  we don’t have the habit of locking up first, and then see what happens.

I am sure I am not mistaken about the Decapitated dudes. Metalheads should come forth and unite petitioning for their immediate release instead of speculating in blabbermouth. Case you haven’t noticed, shit just got real.

When Nergal and Behemoth were in jail in Russia, everybody was really adamant about Russia inhuman and backwards laws and treatments. That really sucked bit time, but where’s the same criteria for the USA?

I extend my personal support to the Decapitated members, hoping they will come out on the other side stronger and relieved from all accusations they are being charged with (which I think are untrue) and come back to their native land so they can see their families and friends and breathe the air of true freedom and not some deluded, suffocating atmosphere of the land of the free, champion of putting people behind bars.


PS: Since I wrote this, it seems, via blabbermouth, the band will be charged for gang rape, a quite serious and complex accusation. I copy here some of my answer to comments which are wrongly suggesting I am taking on the accuser, please read:


Dear X: I copy the above response simply coz i have nothing else to add right now. You’re right and i advise the same not to turn on the accused having just fragments and one side of the story told in the press with all its characteristics and limitations. My source is personal acquaintance and touring experience. I will stand corrected and be ashamed of my kind (touring musicians) if the band actually committed a crime. Some presume them guilty, I presume them innocent. Nothing more, nothing less.

Dear Y: Absolutely right. But let’s agree rape is too serious of a charge, especially group rape. Serious to the point of listening and researching deep every side of the story, starting by the alleged victim but then the contradictory as usual in any State of Law. Be sure that i am not pointing figures here, trying to find some context and yes coming clear is all we want to, especially the parts involved. I tour for 25 years and never heard of such a case in Metal touring and this can affect profoundly a style that is in its big range and generally very tolerant, that have many women as leaders of bands, and that I believe to be pure and not an opportunity for disaster. I will wait on the band’s official statement as well and follow up the case as good and as reliably as I can. Thanks for you comment.





One thought on “Australia

  1. Sandra says:

    This is at the very least absolutely insane and the speculation about a crime never benefits anyone. Let us hope this is only one more sad story and that no horrifying crime like this was ever commited. That beeing said, I do believe that nowadays is far to easy to acuse someone, and even if people involved are innocent their reputation will be tainted forever. Sad, really sad. It seems to me the more the world evolves much more primitive people become.
    Great post even though with such a sad theme.


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