The forest and the tree



I am in Frankfurt waiting for the plane to Lisbon. I just came from Mexico City with my band, where we played a great festival, a multicultural festival called Vive Latino. Great and free atmosphere. We had a great time in the country of the “bad hombres” and only a fool would dare to undermine Mexico’s superb cultural and historical legacy and their people’s hardworking spirit and diligence.

Arriving in Europe, it’s time to show the passport once  again, and to go (again) through a detailed scrutiny at the security again. After all, countries stop trusting each other a long time ago and all the handshakes (or not) you see at the 8 o’clock news are not meant to sign deals that protect you, but to elude you and your concept of freedom.

I sit for a while and drink some water. On the news: electronic ban (new Trump administration invent) to make America great again. You buy our computers but you can not bring them on the plane ok?  Security issues, anonymous sources, alt facts,  classified .  Fast forward a bit and it’s  The Netherlands, country I have always praised for being truly progressive (and for acting while others just discuss around the subject),  in the news again. This time is an asshole named Dijsselbloem, EuroGroup President, Holland’s Finance Minister (still in office after a tremendous electoral beat) , referring to his south European counterparts as womanisers, pimps, whores, drunks. The people and the states from the South of Europe spending in orgies the  hardly earned”Northern” money (update : we paid our creditors with enough interest to keep the system going for fascists like you Jeroen!). Again, no apologies, no consequence. Just like in the case of the Polish Euro-deputy (Janusz Korwin-Mikke) who not content of giving the Nazi salute to his peers, put women to shame with his bigot comments. In fact there was a reaction (gracias Miss Iratxe Garcia Perez) but to the best of everyone’s knowledge, no sanction, no reprimand, no firing from office, nothing. Institutions protect themselves.

Actually this was supposed to be an article about what happened between Turkey and Holland, a sign of war to come. Mindsets crushing, devoid of any moral compass. Erdogan calling European nazis, with people whitening his intolerable speech by saying Turks have no notion of the true dimension of the offence as they weren’t a part of WW2… Hey, but so it seems they are taking the lead in the third part of a war, that will spare no one. I was about to compare that while almost 2000 people were put in jail for “offending” Erdogan (that is speaking the truth about him) in Turkey; Holland were discussing enlarging their voting age,  starting of from 16 (old enough to fuck..). I can’t believe that one can argue between the two concepts of democracy: one that refused by  popular vote, the extreme right and violence of Wilders (just like France will do with Le Pen, mark my words!); and other campaigning shamelessly inside and outside their borders for a dictatorship.

And then Dijsselbloem comes up and says that about Southern economies. Damn you! I am really at loss of how these people can exercise a public office without having to be accounted for anything at all. How people like us are scalded if we say Europe is not working, while a Pole deputy, elected by the people,  sieg heils  left and right in the house of European Union. Institutions are failing their citizens by not taking immediate action and at least fire these hate mongers from office, giving place to someone who at least can keep his mouth shut. Where is indignation? What do politicians do when they cross with these fellows at the power corridors, do they shake hands, laugh together, crack a joke about women?

I know for a fact ( and my friends in Holland, Poland and in Turkey have to help me here) that very little people residing in these countries endorse such mentalities. In fact, they despise it. In fact, they are different, very different from the image their governors are passing publicly, just as much as Americans suffer with every new invention from the stupid white man office. Turkey was built anew under a secular rule, and only that prevented, perhaps, all hell breaking loose in Europe. Now that spirit is gone and Erdogan sharpens their knives and barks at an Europe whom he just courted two years ago for money and power. Holland is the land of Erasmus, of religious freedom, to where Jews fled, the land of tolerance, of legalised weed, of gay marriage, yes all that stuff that the disciples of the new power wolves like to despise as liberal. A polish citizen which makes the Nazi salute should be sanctioned and arrested for treason.

The trees are taking over the forest. The treeline doesn’t look appealing anymore. The world is not fun anymore. And here we stand divided, trying to justify or understand or fit in context racism, bigotry, fascism. The shoe won’t fit anymore and I am appalled to see anything goes right now, borders are coming back, the dogs sharpen their teeth, and the executioners clean their blades. We are being uprooted and chopped off, rendered powerless by information, by the person sitting just at our side nodding his head while Trump speaks and send thousands to certain death.

Time to chop off the sick trees and open a path in the forest for the intelligence of mankind to prosper. Otherwise our days will be numbered.


The forest and the tree

7 thoughts on “The forest and the tree

  1. Monique says:

    I read in the news today that the premier of Portugal demands Dijsselbloem to leave his job as finance minister because of the remarks he made conserning the south european countries. I can see a lot of anger in both your post and Antonia Costa’s statement. It’s sad to see that Dijsselbloem don’t want to take his words back or make excuses. What he said was ignorant and hurts a lot of people. Someone like that has no place in politics. I just hope it won’t divide us as humans. You are right by wanting to chop of the sick trees and while you are at it, maybe you can do the same with his ugly hairdo. 😉 ( Sorry i couldn’t resist )


    1. Theportuguesewolf says:

      Well it’s in the pst but I agree with that harsh criticism Portuguese PM and PR issued. We can’t afford Europe with racists in privileged offices. Peace and new hairdos everyone!


  2. Monique says:

    Sorry about the missplaced joke about the bad perm of Dijsselbloem. I don’t want to offend and certainly don’t want to belittle things. Yesterday there was another terrorist attack in London and it didn’t even came as a shock anymore. And than there’s Erdogan who has said or should i say threatened that if Europe goes on this way, in the future europeans around the whole world won’t be able to go safeley out on the Streets. Mindsets of people are going the wrong way, that’s for sure. So again i must agree with you that it’s time to chop off the sick trees and open a path in the forest.


    1. Theportuguesewolf says:

      today it’s st pete in russia. yes abnormal became routine. what times are these…where do we go from here?


  3. I have a question 🙂 I am writing like 1 page comments but did they receive you or is there any feedback from to to me to change the content of them? I feel a little bit upset if you don’t see them 🙂


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