The problem is not me killing you: it’s you dying.

The Rape of the Sabine Woman. Giambologna, Galleria dell’Academia, Tuscany, Italia.

I can spend all minutes left on my lifetime’s hourglass quoting Arendt, Voltaire, rallying against the evidence of Trump being slowly accepted like when the organism gives in to poison, when is too weak to rebel. You can cry your bitter tears, I can cry mine. We can prepare to resist and play with the idea of a silent resistance, where we decide according to a better future, against four years without sun, in tune with the fact that the white stupid man will take over our lives, our bodies, our destinies. Others aren’t concerned at all, and they see this as a new dawn, even if it’s really nothing but an explosive combination of populism, holier than thou attitudes and conservative morals. But there’s still  another fact that I find the most worrying of all.

This is not about if musicians can or can not write, comment  about the world around them instead of the world inside them. Not about their connection with the fans and not about the test you put your following to. People search bands  and music for escape, that’s right and fair. Unfair would be to disregard that many people seek for enlightenment, union, inspiration, learning, something they preferred over simple entrainment. From Hip-Hop to Reggae, from Punk to Metal’s political albums (yep there’s quite a few out there), there was always musicians and fans that wanted  more than entertain or be entertained.

The way I see it, there is room for both sensibilities  to exist. The problem is that, every time, so it seems, it’s hard to share the space with others. We have the chance now to follow up a wordy war online in real time , feeling where society is going and what’s really happening with people that go online and share their views, pro and anti, doesn’t matter. It’s not a matter of space, it’s really another matter.

It’s not easy to crystallise what I mean here. It’s just an idea that was born from a regime of self-analysis of my personal life conditions. Nevertheless,  I have seen it replicated so many times, by so many different people that I dare to speculate and to work more on this idea and make of it an amateur category from an amateur philosopher, to be read in the original version as a lover of knowledge;  and not a guru, a master, a leader, someone to follow through.

I know that I won’t come up coining an incredible philosophical stance or phrase. Not now, at least. But I am getting somewhere, I guess, and it’s time to put it out in the open for our small pack of thinkers here.

Everything points the same direction for me. Let’s take as an example the “snowflakes”polemic. I think nobody in their right sense would vouch for the use of such an infamous expression to  describe the Anti-Trump concerned citizens. After all, snowflakes was what German soldiers called the ashes of the executed jews flowing in the darkened winds of a unfortunate cold 3AM in Poland. Is this use innocent? I don’t know, I have myself trouble to envision to what limits the stupid white man administration will go, but I hope, I really do it’s an innocent use even tough I don’t find anything innocent at all about using it, period.

Who are the snowflakes? Quote: people who have a hard time accepting other’s opinion and that, I might add, demonstrate against it. At today’s light people who don’t want the world to turn back, that endorse better and wiser abortion laws involving  women in their making; people who don’t want a wall between any countries in the world. Is this a good thing? I believe so. I test its morals and yes: a better child planning, borders that don’t look a SF movie;  I find that these wishes are positive , human, decent, in the name of freedom. It’s not us against them.

Who are the snowflakes after all? Is that the way we divide the  world  today? Personally one of the worst things that people can do to me is accusing me of being over- sensitive or trying too hard.Really, it’s nerve-racking. Especially when you did everything under that Kantian notion, just for the sake of it, not for you, but really for the other. At today’s light this is stupid idealism, it’s liberal to care about the community, it’s wrong, senseless and stupid.

The fact is this one, and you can easily observe it, there is  a new mechanism of guilt. One I haven’t read about that much ( yes, we can go and name it a tradition for Judaism/Catholicism, after all guilt was always what kept these religions in business) but this feels different. For Muslims, guilt is something different and it makes them operate differently, same for other religions, poli or monotheists. The fact is, trying to illustrate it with a situation, if someone tells you are a son of a bitch online, or that you suck and your comments suck, or approaches you in the street, or you are a girl in Istambul wearing a short skirt and you are raped, or that you said the truth about Trump and don’t care, or you were in the wrong city at the wrong time; all this accounted you are to blame. For many the problem is the girl wearing the mini skirt, the fact you take offence when you are offended, and the fact is that Trump is ruling udder this new perspective of guilt.

This new mechanism relies upon the defence of the aggressor. It’s not about the aggression anymore.It’s about you being weak, about you not taking it not like a man  or a woman and shut up. It’s not about the agressor anymore, who is celebrated and justified, it’s about you, whose ground was just taken off our feet by brutality,  you that can’t live on, silently, floating in the thin air.

This is not about Trump getting back in abortion laws. It’s about the people that go the clinics and do them. They are the problem, or they became the problem again, and the supporters of this newfound morals don’t really see why all the fuzz. In conclusion, the new morale comes from people who think themselves , given any situation or contact, are better than your fellow men and don’t understand their “shortcomings”. This is not about someone offending you, it’s about you taking offence. That’s what’s about and the new moralists, the right wing that wants to make the world a better place as long as they are the only ones truly enjoying it, are out there, sharpening their knives, their pens, their keyboards and who knows what else.

This is not about me murdering you. It’s about you letting yourself  die.  The guilt is transferred via moralisation and emphasis on the object of aggression, not in the subject that throws the stone or pulls the trigger . This is about the adulterous whore in the bible, the infidel woman in the Coran, the liberal woman marching against Trump, the girl in Istambul. In the aggressor’s optic they are to blame and they started already filling their ranks with supporters.

This is not about being wrong but being right doing wrong. And that’s Trump’s true victory and bigotry baby steps. In the name of fear, in the name of hate, in the name of a truly fucked up, viral mankind.


#goodandevil #neomoral #Trump #fernandomoon #guilt #reversion





The problem is not me killing you: it’s you dying.

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