The Death of Politics

  1. the activities associated with the governance of a country or area, especially the debate between parties having power.
  2. activities aimed at improving someone’s status or increasing power within an organization.
    “yet another discussion of office politics and personalities”


It’s impossible to tap into every other opinion or line of thought about Donald Trump being elected. We have seen or read it all and some it holds truth, some of it doesn’t. All in all we are mostly confused and slightly numb. A bus just hit us. Something happened. GPS signal lost. Static on the screens. Lights out, politicians!

In between a “do you think that if Hillary won, the world would be any better?” and the tentatives of a soft, cleansing transition between Trump candidate and Trump President, it’s a hard choice. We can’t answer this dilemma without the proper elements  and prospect of a near future. If we base ourselves in what Trump candidate spat out on his speeches and debates, well, then, it’s a free for all. If that’s the script we will be all starring in a very scary  thriller.

What strikes me the most though about this election is, as Hillary’s democratic defeat fully represents, the death of politics as an original, collective concern and action envisioning  progress for the citizens. It’s a fact that politics have been quietly, or not so, replaced by a web of particular or corporate interests, that have stretched the line too thin, too far. What was on the other side? In the States: Trump candidate, regimenting the troops of voters who are fed up with the long detour Politics and politicians took, destroying many lives in the process.

The total abandonment of rules and décor (look at the case of #DuraoBarroso from EC to Goldman- Sachs, he is always booed when he guests  in some conference here in Portugal, -people aren’t fools-) led us here. We can point the finger at a setback America,dread the return of an evil superpower, we can and will for sure cry and wonder how the States go from an Obama to a Trump. But in fact Politics have failed us and this vote (and many others in many countries where popular voting is still possible) are the noose around the generation of political professionals who, in a nutshell, fucked it up.

In the States, with his mixed and promiscuous system between popular vote and political vote the knot is tighter: millions wanted Trump as President, the system confirmed him when it could, perhaps,  have saved USA’s face and who knows its future and consequently the future of many. I am not an American but I am global, everyone is.

To sum it up, this was definitely the choice of a lesser evil. But that lesser evil wasn’t Hillary. For enough people it was Trump.




The Death of Politics

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