Happy halloween






– if they agree with you, they are sycophants
– if they don’t even if their head is shoved upon the burning asshole of worldly ignorance and they write accordingly, they are free thinkers.

Facebook killed discussion skills, rethoric, forensics, and people just use it as an extended mirror of their deep ignorance in where they will drown like the myths they shun. Myths that better men and women have helped to inscribe in a world tradition that is ours.

In another words, I fuckin despise people who feel they are superior to others, that they have somethiung real going while the rest is a fuming irrelevance. No man or woman is an island and opinion might be great to have some, but please when addressing them be informed, be fair, be educated, be strong. Opinion is overrated, emotion is underwhelmed, discussing became a senseless verbal carnage.

Please stay out of my life and from my (anti) social networking.

Happy Samhain, carpe noctem!

Happy halloween

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