Enough! Basta!



We all woke up today to the terrible news of the coward attack in the Brussels airport and subway station. It’s easy to see this is payback for the arrest of the leading mastermind of Paris attacks. I have just been in Paris myself and it’s still the same wonderful city. You lost mothefuckers! In two days we will fly to Brussels where we will get picked up but our tourbus to go to Rouen for our first show of this Road to Extinction tour. Let’s see what happens. Our LD (light designer) is from Belgium and he is supposed to fly tomorrow to Portugal for our Almada show. Maybe we all have to cancel some things along the way but us and our crew and agents and promoters are doing our best to find a solution and go on with our lives, no fear.  Of course the world is all connected now, traveling became a lifestyle for many and also a founding rock where everything is built upon. Communication.  We know well that even tough we love what we do and that there are fans expecting us, I can’t help to find the way we and our fans are affected as a ‘’small’’ consequence of what we let Europe come to. Today it was hard to leave home, put on some clothes, go about my business. I rarely felt that in my life: the need to hide in my son’s bed.

I have always been, I guess, a very open-minded and tolerant person. At least, I always give it the best of tries. I don’t cross the street when I see a muslim coming my way and if there is a seat available , for instance in an airport , next to a muslim family or a group of men I sit down there, no problem. I still believe that the day to day, common, secular Muslim want to live in peace and that he or she understands the harmony between creeds because that is what is really written down in  their book. As far as we are concerned, people from Europe, that’s always been our intention: to welcome properly who needs to be saved. Even tough, thanks to a few cowards organised as hooligans in the name of Allah, our principles are put to test every day, Europe made a huge effort to welcome the best we can all refugees. Of course there were problems. We that live here for centuries have problems as well: homeless people, unemployment, domestic violence and now terrorism. Many times I have spoke against taking the tree for the forest. Many times people told me to fuck off with my liberal shit and face the facts. By any means my sympathy for people fleeing war scenarios (Portugal, remember the exodus from Africa in the seventies?) and my belief that the common are good natured and that we should try and understand/integrate different habits into our own culture, has been altered but I must say I am pretty shaken today about this attack.

Not only because it’s coming nearer us or we are the ones coming nearer as as we do have to travel for a living and have unfortunately been in many of the sites where terror struck (Istanbul’s Istiklal Street, Paris’Bataclan, Moscow subway, Beirut, NY Twin towers, etc.), but after Brussels we feel that our European good will and nature is just being thrown away. We do have an European Civilisation (yes capital C) that we have build from advances and setbacks. Our  undeniable common direction is frankly positive if not perfect. The federalist project of Europe as thought but the great minds of Immanuel Kant and his peers has always rooted upon harmony and the fact that together we are stronger than divided. I am the first one to say that our euro-politicians have failed to make justice to the original project and took it to the wrong path of capitalistic pressure and social elitism and the EC is faulty and moved by individual interest rather than by common welfare. I know all of this but I also know that our laws do protect the innocent most of the times, that our welfare takes care of many with no other chance than benefit from it. Europe tries its best to give equal treatment and just laws to the ones under asylum and if not all is perfect, we keep on trying adjustments.

Now it’s time to demand things back . To demand integration. To sensibilize  our new forced immigrants into a new life, a real new life, not live in an intolerant ghetto as they exist in London, Brussels, some cities in Germany, Calais. It’s time also to put an end to the hate-mongers who pray at the mosques in the suburbs of English cities, to put them in jail, to put on hold their rights to religion, to put on hold  being lay and tolerant. Our freedom as Europeans is badly hurt. So is our pride. But the worst is the lives they take so it’s time to strike back. To search their places at night even if Belgian law (rightly) forbids it. To prohibit the praise of violence in ‘’religious speeches´´. For quite awhile our rights will be limited for safety reasons. Don’t be too paranoid about it, we need safety, and the freedom to complain about if there’s now a triple-check in the airports. It will be bad, especially if you travel to play for a living, but to exercise freedom we need to be alive.

I wish now that’s that our States of Law impose that same law now. To protect us and our children.  Not the eye for an eye law these terrorists use but a clean cut, cirurgical actions to cut the heads, the arms and the hands of this damned movement. Forget now if we created the problem,if we sell them weapons, all is wrong when innocent are killed.  It’s all very sad but it’s maybe time to take sides. I have been very vocal about the fact that for me most refugees are victims rather than anything else and I still believe that. I can still see the forest. But now it’s maybe time to cut down the sick trees.

For everyone’s sake.


#itcouldbeyou #itcouldbeus #nomoreterror

Enough! Basta!

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