The invisible guests

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Last year, 2015, I toured with my band Moonspell, to hell and back. Not that we have been in places where we never were before but if the stretch of space was vast enough, the time spent on it felt endless. One must say that is a sign of times for bands, but that one says a lot of stuff he doesn’t know shit about.

The state of music business and the unefable struggle for survival rather than expansion is a reality a singer like me can’t separate from his daily decisions as a father, a husband and a citizen, regardless of where, how and when that decision takes me. Sometimes, I am stranger in my own country, Portugal, where things remain stubbornly the same  and with all the traveling, I felt I lost insight and even the right to judge or rant about anything here. Strangely, I am increasingly happy with what I became now. Mammals adapt, seek for satisfaction and this outside the nest – inside the nest dynamics pleases me even if it presents strange dilemmas and sensations more often than not.

All in all, when we started, twenty three years ago (and counting) we couldn’t guess that we will still be here, like the Yo Yo Man on the Echo and the Bunnymen song: ”always up and down”. I don’t really remember what I expected. Wait, maybe I remember it now. So it’s probably made up by my balding midlife brain, full of distortion, smoke and worry. Anyway, life went on, caught up, or we actually tripped on it, we will never know, but most of it is still the same difference, too bad our bodies and minds changed so much lately and can’t accommodate madness and booze as bravely as they did back then. And yet we didn’t know.

I still like to write. That’s why I started this new blog. I hope I don’t add it to the quite populated cemetery of my previous blogs. They die always out of maintenance. I get bored, I get tired and then when I surface I think I left a lot of good and bad things left unwritten. And I feel sorry for it. Especially for myself. Writing is letting go and who wants the unwanted?

So, welcome to The Portuguese Wolf wordpress brand new blog. I created it because I also wanted to rant on Ghost’s awkward Grammy win; I want to say EODM is an overrated band that went through an unspeakable tragedy only themselves will ever understand (even tough it broke the bubble of safety for all touring musicians) and how wrong their singer is in advocating a different gun policy in France; I want to dispute that Adele never goes out of tune, it’s just technical problems, yeah right, shit does happen; I want to point a finger in the direction of the most stupid human being ever left loose online Kayne West; I want to say how great nineties European Metal was and to complain that people do not buy my records often. Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t. I want you and me to be regulars here.

So, welcome to The Portuguese Wolf blog. My blog. Pretty pompous, I know. That’s me. ARH- WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Yes, I used an onomatopeia. I am that smart.




The invisible guests

20 thoughts on “The invisible guests

  1. Always a pleasure to read your “howls”… I’m a Moonspell fan but even more than that i’m a Fernando’s fan… through the years i’ve been reading some of your articles, blogs and i’m really in tune with your opinions… about living in portugal, about the difficulties on pursuing dreams but not whining and blaming others, about religion and other (s)hits… And really…i can’t understand the EODM trend too… But can i ask your opinion about the #freeconfess subject ? \m/ Djon


  2. Venice says:

    Genious Bro!!!! I’ll be in the air heading to the darkness but always with a crow eye on what you write…Congrats and good luck for the blog!!!


  3. Paulo Jorge Santa Ana Sebastião says:

    Always admire your perseverance and attitude.Continua,és um marco na escrita e na música em Portugal com os teus Moonspell.Admiro-vos desde o começo de 1995 até hoje e para sempre.Ao vivo,então,são únicos.Obrigado.E os.teus livros são uma pérola da nossa língua.Também escrevo e faço mil e uma coisas,mas gosto de passar anónimo.Obrigado por tudo.


  4. Bruno Sílvio says:

    Spot on about EODM. That guy is a dick and he’s always crying which only makes him look like a whining cry baby. I know it must have been fucking horrible, but I do believe he’s an hypocrite and the fact that he’s talking about non gun regulation á lá american way just shows what kind of person he really is. And his band sucked before the attack and still fucking sucks after. And no amount of celebrities covering they’re songs is gonna change that.

    I like Ghost. Maybe they’re not a metal band, but they are a good heavy rock band. But The Grammys are a bulshit thing anyway. I mean look at the bands in the rock and metal categories.
    And the shitty relegation of the heavy categories to the non televised portion of the event. Fuck The Grammys.

    The only thing you said wrong about Kanye is the name. It’s spelled Kanye. And yes he’s a fucking imbecil with no fucking talent and a waste of the words “artist” and “musician”.

    Sorry about the foul language!
    I’ll keep following the blog.



  5. Francisco Martín Abarca Véliz says:

    Nice to see this about a person with his own opinión. I admire your music. It makes me feel like anything can do it. It touch my nerves wonderfully. Regards from Chile. We love you as if you are a close friend. Hope the best for you. Thank you for the gift you leave to us.


  6. Ah yes! This will be very interesting indeed. Just as Moonspell has taken over my thought processes and touched my soul in so many ways now your words can permeate my mind and continue the ‘spell’ on me! Congratulations on the blog \\m//


  7. Paola Marandola says:

    It is very interesting to read you, congratulations for your blog. I am already waiting for your next publication . I will always buy your records.


  8. The Eternal Wolf says:

    This is a great blog Fernando, I’ll be a regular visitor. I’m still learning how to do this like I don’t even know how to add a pic next to my profile.


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